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Living room lamps: creative lighting ideas for the heart of your home

The living room really is the “heart of the home”. There are several reasons for this: it is where visitors are received, as such, it is representative and gives an impression of the host’s sense of style. The living room is where you read, watch television, play games, do crafts, chat, laugh and relax. Thus, the room definitely needs to be cosy. The lighting can play its part in both of these aspects of the room. Living room lights can be functional too: their luminous colour and their brightness can be changed, or they can even be controlled via smart technology.

Sarrione steel LED floor lamp, matt nickel

What is the best way to illuminate my living room?

There is no single right or wrong answer to this question. But there are, of course, several aspects which you should consider to create a coherent lighting concept.

First: one living room lamp is not enough! You need general lighting which lights up the whole room and provides orientation. A ceiling light is, for example, the right candidate for this. Next, you should provide islands of light – area lighting is the keyword here. You can achieve the desired effect with a floor lamp for reading. And then there is ambience lighting. Decorative lights or LED strips come into this category which is key for creating cosy accents in the living room.

Which living room lamps should be included in the lighting concept?

Different lights have different functions in a carefully considered lighting concept. In the following overview, we will show you the specific living lamps and lights that you can choose from:

  • Ceiling lights for the living room:

    This is the best place to start: choose a fantastic ceiling light for your living room. But how do you know which living room ceiling light is the right one for you? Our filters will help you to get closer to your dream lights. You can select your preferred style, your favourite colour, your favourite material and more. On top of this, you can click on the additional features that are important to you, for example a remote control or a dimming function. In the results page, you will find the lights that best fit your specifications.

Glossy chrome ceiling lamp Reza

Maple - ceiling light with pretty leaf decoration

Jorunn - fabric LED ceiling lamp, black and gold

  • Wall lights for the living room:

    A ceiling light is not the only option for proper general lighting. You can use wall lights for this purpose too. There are a lot of modern light fittings in all possible styles which provide fantastic focal points in the living room. They are far more attention-seeking as they are at the beholders’ eye level. Extravagant models can be a fantastic design highlight on the living room wall!

Extravagant LED wall lamp Sandor

Amlfi Wall Light Simple Plaster

Greka lovely LED wall light in white

  • Floor lamps for the living room:

    Isn’t it wonderful when the living room provides space for different areas? Think of a reading corner, a television area or a craft corner. A floor lamp can light up such areas beautifully. In fact, a living room floor lamp is an eye-catcher – not least because of its size. It adds an attractive touch to the room with fantastic colours, materials and patterns. Even when it is not turned on.

Alia fabric floor lamp with an LED lamp

Floor lamp Perle with glass lampshade in grey

Artemide Tolomeo Maxi LED floor lamp

  • Hanging lights for the living room:

    If you have a ceiling light you cannot have a pendant light? Far from it! A living room pendant light does not always light up the whole room. Instead, it can light up an individual area, such as the seating area with a table or the pretty side table beside your sofa. You can never have too many islands of light!

Appealing LED pendant light Thunder, Ø 30 cm

Angeli Di Luce


  • Table lamps for the living room:

    This section is relevant if you have a sideboard or side table in your living room. Nothing works as well here as the table lamp. The small, decorative lamp comes in all imaginable styles. It doesn’t just provide creative accents; it can be extremely functional, too. For technology lovers, there are models with special features, like a dimming function or a remote control which allows you to change the luminous colour.

LED table lamp MAURICE


Show Ogiva - black-gold fabric table lamp

  • Spotlights and downlights for the living room:

    Spotlights can, for example, be used to attract the necessary attention to a picture or a painting on your living room wall. As ceiling spotlights, they provide the necessary general lighting. Spotlights can generally be aligned to suit your individual requirements – in all the desired directions in the case of multiple-bulb models.**
    **Downlights which are embedded discreetly in the wall are a great fit for living rooms too. However, you should have a good think before choosing this option. Downlights cannot be quickly installed like an ordinary spotlight.

Four-bulb LED ceiling spotlight Morik, dimmable

Exquisite Mirror picture light

Set of 3 LED recessed lights Andrej, matt nickel

Should I use LEDs in the living room?

There is really nothing to discuss when you hear the arguments in favour of LEDs. Who doesn’t want to make savings, protect the environment and enjoy almost maintenance-free technology over the long term? This overview illustrates why LEDs should be an indispensable part of your living room:

  • they use 90 % less energy than traditional light bulbs
  • they use 60 % less energy than halogen bulbs
  • LEDs have a service life that is 50 times longer than that of a traditional light bulb
  • LEDs are environmentally friendly as they do not contain mercury
  • LEDs are very durable as there is no filament which can burn out
  • LEDs have a service life of up to 50,000 hours
  • LEDs are 100 % bright as soon as they are turned on

Did you know? Nowadays modern LED technology is often already built in. This allows for chic, compact designs which would not have been possible in the days of the good old traditional light bulb.

What brightness level do I need for the living room?

It is pretty much impossible to provide a general answer here; the lighting must be tailored to each individual room. It depends on your subjective perceptions and on the character of the room. This includes the colour and texture of the walls, as well as the items of furniture, how many there are, how close together they are, their colour, etc.

Do you have further questions? Why not contact our specialist advisors to go through everything step by step? Their contact details are below.

LE KLINT Swirl 3 Medium

Are modern living room lamps dimmable?

What does the living room represent? Yes, that’s right: cosiness. It would be a disgrace if the light didn’t play along. If the dimmer function is important to you, you should select “yes” under the “Dimmable” filter in the shop. You will then see an overview of all the living room lights whose brightness can be reduced; for example via an easydim function, a touch dimmer, a remote control or a special switch on the wall. You can find out more in each specific case in the product description.

What materials are used to make lamps for the living room?

Is the material used to produce your light just as important to you as its lighting effect? Then you can use the “Material” filter when looking for your new living room lamp. We offer a wide selection of materials, for example wood, brass, bronze, copper or crystal. How about you take the opportunity to be tempted by something new? Perhaps concrete for an industrial loft-style charm or paper for lightweight lighting creations. Simply let yourself be inspired!

Hanging light TRABANT, 16 cm, with matt lens

Marike pendant lamp, opal glass sphere white

Beautiful pendant light PILA by Domus

What styles do living room lights come in?

It is natural for you to want to show off your design preferences in the room where guests are received. You can do this very elegantly with designer lights for the living room. Modern living room lamps are available in a number of styles – a Scandinavian touch from the far north can play a role here, as can a more rural influence in the form of a country-house style. You can use the “Style” filter to see what other styles await your discovery.

Vintage table lamp Tarbes with copper finish

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