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    LED panels: Bringing modernity to room lighting

    LED panels

    What sets LED panels apart from other ceiling lights?

    Two things, mostly.

    • Design

      LED panels are flat, their extremely thin profile is only made possible through the use of compact LEDs. The main advantage here is that the lamp itself – both modern and minimalist – takes a back seat, creating a tidier interior aesthetic. Because the light takes up very little space, it helps to make the room appear larger. As a result, LED panels work well even in the smallest of rooms. 

    • Lighting

      Unlike point light sources, such as traditional light bulbs, LED panels illuminate the entire surface evenly and glare-free, providing room lighting that is both uniform and bright.

    What is the difference between built-in and surface-mounted panels?

    Built-in panels are installed in the ceiling, whereas surface-mounted panels are attached to the ceiling. With built-in panels, the ceiling and LED panel become one and the same. However, since it’s not possible to install built-in panels into every ceiling, surface-mounted panels come into play. These are attached to the ceiling in a similar way to other ceiling lights.

    LED panels
    LED panels
    LED panels

    Can you get LED panels that are round?

    If an angular light source won’t fit in your home, opt for a round one instead. The term “LED panel” may make you think of models with flat surfaces, but there is actually a wide range of round recessed lights that perform a similar function. The term “downlight” is often used to describe these. You can find the most recent LED models here.

    What sizes do LED panels come in?

    LED panels are not officially standardised, which means that there is a large number of sizes on offer. However, certain dimensions have now become “standard”. LED troffers, for example, have the following sizes: 625 x 625mm / 600 x 600mm / 1250 x 625mm / 1250 x 312mm / 1200 x 300mm. For round LED panels, diameters of 68mm / 82mm are often used.

    Don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert advisers to see if there is a suitable size for your lighting plans. Our contact details can be found below.

    LED panels

    What should you consider when it comes to panels in rooms with damp conditions, such as bathrooms and kitchens?

    LED panels must have the right IP code, which is determined according to where the panels are used and the extent to which they may come into contact with moisture. For example, IP44 indicates protection against the ingress of foreign objects greater than or equal to 1 millimetre and water spray.

    Ask one of our expert advisers about further protective measures for damp rooms where you may need a higher IP code or need to consider other safety aspects. And make sure to let a specialist install the LED panel!

    How are LED panels installed in plasterboard ceilings?

    It depends on the product. LED panels are typically installed over an opening in the plasterboard using the mounting springs on the light and/or with additional mounting kits, such as mounting frames.

    How are LED panels installed on the ceiling?

    Besides the plasterboard installation method, you also install or insert LED panels into grid ceilings. In this case, LED panels are simply inserted into the suspended grid ceiling. This offers an optical advantage – since the ceiling supports the light, the light fits perfectly into the overall aesthetic of the ceiling because there is no visible attachment or frame. This is why grid ceilings are often used in office buildings.

    Surface-mounted panels, on the other hand, are installed just as other surface-mounted lights are. LED panels typically have a mounting frame with mounting brackets. These are drilled to the ceiling and the light is then attached to it - as a result, there is no need for a suspended ceiling (grid or plasterboard).

    LED panels
    LED panels

    Can you get LED panels that are dimmable and change colour?

    Of course, you can. Check the product details to see whether these features are included in your desired LED panel. Brands that make these high-tech panels include Osram or Paulmann.

    LED panels
    LED panels

    Still have questions about LED panels or looking for advice? One of our expert advisers will be happy to help you. Give us a call us on +353 1 699 2138 or get in touch via our contact form.

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