Guide to UV-C Light Sanitizers

Effective against viruses and bacteria

UV-C light sanitizers are an effective alternative to traditional ventilation systems, which is ideal during the colder months. But the best thing about many modern devices is that they also reduce the risk of disease transmission in private and commercial settings.

What is UV-C?

Ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation) from the sun is divided into three light categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-C radiation, which has a wavelength of 100 - 280 nanometres per second, is intercepted by the atmosphere. But, as it has a germicidal effect, it’s safer to produce it artificially using UV-C lamps.

UV-C radiation is dangerous to both humans and animals, so housing it inside a UV light disinfection means no harmful UV-C light escapes from the device.

The best UV-C Light Sanitizers

Child safe

All housings are secured with safety screws.

Harmless to health

With UV-C light sterilizers, no dangerous radiation penetrates to the outside.

How does UV light disinfection work?

Metal and plastic housing

Prevents UV-C radiation from escaping from the unit.

UV-C light

The UV-C light eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air.


Sucks air into the housing and blows clean air out.

What are HEPA filters?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. And refers to the particulate filter that removes particles smaller than 1 micron, like pollen, viruses, bacteria, aerosols and smoke from the air.

In addition to standard components and particle filters, UV light disinfection can also include a dust filter, which filters out hair and dust. And, depending on the model, carbon filters which reduce odours.

Top products for every application

All-purpose device

Sterilon disinfection lights

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For all room sizes

NEVOOX air purifier for 11 to 84 m²

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Premium quality

MaxAir air purifier with 7 filter levels

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Home comforts

Ozonos-Hailey in a floor lamp design

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What are UV-C Light Sterilizers useful for?

Reducing the risk of transmitting diseases in a private environment

Whether in nurseries, school or work: avoiding contact with fellow human beings is difficult, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. UV-C air filters disinfect the air and clean it of fungi and allergens.

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Reducing risk in open-plan offices or waiting areas

In areas with high numbers of people, like offices, doctors’ surgeries, care facilities, hairdressing salons and conference centres, UV-C air disinfection units are regularly used to circulate air around the room.

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Disinfecting everyday objects quickly and easily

UV-C disinfection boxes have been developed for disinfecting everyday objects, like mobile phones or pens. No harmful UV-C light can escape the UV-C disinfection box. Even if opened, a safety mechanism will stop the UV radiation from causing any harm.

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Freshening and removing strong odours from the air

Ozonos air purifiers produce ozone in addition to UV-C radiation. This eliminates odours, germs, mould spores, allergens, pollen, viruses and bacteria from the air - resulting in clean, fresh, healthy air that’s a delight to fill your lungs with.

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Tips for correct application


It's recommended that you place your UV-C light sanitizer in the centre of the room for optimum air circulation, not beside a wall or behind a sofa.


The item details show the maximum room size in m². While in larger spaces, like warehouses and open-plan offices, several smaller purifiers with lower power, e.g. 20 watts, is recommended.

Operating time

UV-C light sterilizers can be operated 24/7, which means they can take the strain during the office 9-to-5 or in places with longer or 24-hour opening times, like doctor’s surgeries and hospitals.

Is UV-C light dangerous?

UV-C light is hazardous to humans and animals. In addition to skin and eye damage, UV-C light also discolours and damages surfaces.

But UV-C radiation is harmless if it remains inside the device, which is the case with all our UV light sanitizers. And for extra security, all housings are secured with safety screws to prevent children (and adults) from opening them.

Surface disinfection when lamps are opened, but this feature is mainly used in the commercial sector, e.g. on buses, coaches, trains, etc.

If your unit offers this option, please read and carefully follow the manufacturer's safety instructions. Do not look into the lamps directly, wear safety goggles and make sure to wear long clothing which covers exposed skin when in use.

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