Plaster Lights

Plaster lamps as DIY lighting

Plaster lights look great in minimalist interiors. And as they’re available in a wide variety of shapes for the wall, ceiling, side tables and chests of drawers, you can go to town on making the light in your home completely original.

Elegance and grace on the wall

A pure white plaster light on a wall adds elegance and grace as its warm white light creates a cosy atmosphere in the room. While nested models, creations that shine upwards and downwards or models with perforated patterns cast gorgeous patterns across the wall are a must-have for any type of interior design.

Plaster lights with pattern

Plaster lamps that show their colours

Grey, gold, brown, black - these elegant colours look stunning on plaster lights - especially when combined with an attractive pattern or a special surface structure: a rough cement look, uneven surfaces that create shading or stucco decorations look great in a mix of paint and plaster.

Plaster lights in different colours

Versatile spotlights that catch the eye

Spotlights and downlights are not only functional, they also create highlights. The best example of this is when they‘re decorated with a stucco texture, disappear into the ceiling or make the wall appear as if it were radiating from within. Spots, which can radiate the light in all directions also help to stage areas and can draw attention to decorative objects in the living room.

Plaster spotlights & recessed lights

Plaster Lights DIY

If there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that plaster lighting is never boring. If plain white fits your interior - great. But with the option to paint and decorate plaster lamps, boring is one thing they aren’t. You can paint them the same colour as your wall, or something totally opposite. If you want to let your artistic streak run free, you can try different patterns. Gold dust adds a touch of class. And glitter is the perfect addition for a children's bedroom. It’s your home, so remember - anything goes!

Plaster lights for painting
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