Modern lamps and lights

Modern Lighting From Nordic to industrial

What defines modern lighting? On the one hand, it is innovative LED technology, minimalist shapes and filigree lighting designs. On the other hand, it can be cosy Scandinavian lights with wooden elements, copper and concrete industrial lights and vintage chic.

It is hard to narrow down what classes as modern lighting. Whether the lamp has an open bulb or features popular colour schemes such as black and white or black and gold, it is the look and feel of the light that truly defines the modern style.

Modern Ceiling Lights Switch on the big light

Ceiling lights come in various designs and materials, from wood to gold-coloured metal, which means there’s something to suit everyone's taste. Crystal ceiling lights are popular in many modern apartments. Lights with a dimmer, have particularly soared in popularity in recent years.

Modern Chandeliers Elegant highlights with style

Chandeliers are not just for exclusive country mansions. Their modern offshoots look at home in even the most humble rented apartment. From stainless steel to models with gold tones and crystals — anything goes.

Modern Floor Lamps Stylish and cool from the ground up

Modern floor lamps, whatever their design, always look great next to a sofa or in a home office space. They can bring a touch of Scandinavian style to the interior with wooden elements, while models with gold features add a dash of Art Deco class.

Modern Table Lamps Statement pieces for the sideboard

Modern table lamps are more than just convenient lighting pieces. They’re statement pieces designed to catch the eye. Models with creative glass or black and gold shades are incredibly popular while still offering a comfortable cosiness with their gentle warm white light.

Modern Battery-powered Table Lamps Wireless lighting you can move

Table lamps with rechargeable batteries are absolute must-haves, especially with current spiralling energy costs. They'll shine for hours with a full battery, with the bonus that you can pick them up and place them anywhere - on a side table, dresser or in the guest bedroom.

Modern Pendant Lights Delightful dining experience

The preferred place for a pendant light is over the dining table, ensuring nobody is left in the dark while you entertain. Modern pendant lights with crystal elements add glamour, but wood and glass shades look impressive and are popular.

A modern pendant light will be the topic of the night.

Modern Wall Lights Ambience at eye level

Gold, brass and silver tones are trendy for wall lights right now. They look stunning next to the beautiful shadows and lighting splashed across your walls by the material and shape of your shades.

Modern Bedside Lamps Comfortable light at bedtime

Having to fumble for a switch at night is a real pain, which is why modern bedside lamps are equipped with a touch function to switch the light on or off.

The dimmer function allows bedtime to become even more relaxing.

Modern Kitchen Lamps Functional and extremely handsome

Depending on the area, kitchen lamps have to meet different requirements. On the ceiling, they need to provide bright light as general lighting. Pendant lamps above the counter or as a base unit lamp above the worktop help make chopping vegetables easy.

We’ve got a light for every job in the kitchen.

Modern Bedroom Lamps Light ambience around the sofa

The sofa and reading corner can be even cosier with the proper lighting. Wall, pendant and floor lamps add their unique character. But all that matters is that they give out a warm, ambient light that relaxes you.

Modern Living Room Lamps Light ambience around the sofa

The sofa and reading corner can be even cosier with the proper lighting. Wall, pendant and floor lamps add their unique character. But all that matters is that they give out a warm, ambient light that relaxes you.

Modern Dining Room Lamps Eat, drink and be cosy

A cosy dining table is the heart of a dining room, and what really makes it pop is an inviting cone of light from a stylish, modern hanging lamp. The shape of the table means not everything will work, so you need to choose something that works. A beautiful circular light is ideal for round tables, while multi-bulb models are better suited for rectangular tables.

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