Crystal Lights & Lamps

Luxurious antique and modern lighting

Fitted with state-of-the-art energy-efficient LED technology that provides warm cosy light, our crystal lights and lamps are the pièce de résistance in any luxury home. Whether you’re looking for antique chic or minimalist modern, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our crystal lighting collection.

Ceiling Lights

Crystal ceiling lights make for a spectacular talking point in an entrance hall or living room. Achieving an elegant atmosphere is easy, and we are sure it will take your visitors’ breath away.

All Crystal Ceiling Lights

Crystal Chandeliers

Large, high rooms with noble furnishings are the perfect place for luxurious crystal chandeliers. From antique-looking models that would fit into any royal house to modern creations in a variety of innovative shapes, our diverse selection gives you plenty of choice.

All Crystal Chandeliers

Pendant Lights

Crystal pendant lights bathe the dining table in a memorable glow and provide beautifully graceful light reflections. Elongated, multi-flame models are particularly suitable for long, rectangular tables, while single-flame pendant lights look exquisite over a round table.

All Crystal Pendant Lights

Table Lamps

Crystal table lamps are an incredible eye-catcher combined with high-end living room furnishings, especially when placed on a side table or chest of drawers. The sparkling effect of crystal table lamps creates a lavishly decadent ambience.

All Crystal Table Lamps

Floor Lamps

Whether free-standing or placed next to the chic chaise longue, floor lamps with crystal elements add elegance to the home. And with their graceful light providing a calming aura, they’re a must-have for any five-star interior.

All Crystal Floor Lamps

Wall Lights

When switched on, crystal wall lamps throw beautiful light patterns around the room and across the walls. For this reason, we advise a generous amount of space between lights. For maximum effect, install them at eye level.

All Crystal Wall Lights

Recessed Spotlights

Even if recessed spotlights tend to make you think of everyday functional spotlights, they’re also available with sumptuous crystal finishes. Besides the sparkling crystals, the whole ceiling will be a beautiful sight when switched on - adding playful light patterns and an extra-large dose of luxury.

All Crystal Recessed Spotlights

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