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Nordic and natural:
Mary’s Black Interior Look

Inspired by Norwegian mountain cabins

„For me, black radiates an indescribable sense of cosiness and tranquillity.“

What can you tell us about yourself?
I am Mary, a freelance graphic designer, and live with my husband near a forest in Bavaria.

How would you describe your individual interior design style?
Nordic - with a touch of Southern charm! I like to combine the colour black with plants and natural materials - for a warm atmosphere and summer holiday vibes. Natural colours in particular are much more effective when contrasted with black. No other façade colour would have blended into the surroundings as naturally as black wood panelling.

How do you define this style?
A mix of beach bar, Nordic cosiness and urban loft.

Where do you gather your inspiration for furnishing and decorating with dark colours?
The interior design was inspired by a hotel in Amsterdam. The room, bathroom and corridors were mostly black and we felt completely at home. During a hike through Norway's mountains we fell in love with the black wooden houses that can be found hidden in the woods. Of course, I also get a lot of inspiration from the typical social media channels and living room magazines, but the basic ideas often come up while travelling.

What do you particularly like about the dark interior look?
For me, black radiates an indescribable sense of cosiness and tranquillity. We used to have colourful walls, but after a few months I needed a change. Black is timeless and can be combined with any colour. When I feel like I need some colour, I prefer to use colourful cushions, vases etc.

A mix of beach bar, Nordic cosiness and urban loft

Which lighting brand from our shop fits particularly well with your interior design style?
Nordlux and FLOS are definitely at the top of my list with their classic light designs.

Why exactly did you choose these lights for your home?
The floor lamp by Nordlux is already my favourite piece. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, I can take it with me anywhere in the garden. And with the 3-step dimmer, I can adjust the brightness according to my mood.

We had been looking for a suitable light for our extremely high staircase for a long time. The obligatory construction site light - a simple light bulb - had been hanging here for 3 years. The pendant light by FLOS with its 9-metre cable was simply the perfect choice to highlight the height of the corridor.

And the Cal table lamp fits perfectly into any corner of our home. It will certainly be changing places more often, as it looks stunning on the sideboard, on the desk or even on the worktop.

In love with Norway's black wooden houses

What are you looking for in terms of lighting?
I prefer warm light fittings. The brightness is often less important to me. I don't like a room to be brightly lit, which makes it seem rather cold. I focus on many different light sources. Each zone should have its own light. When I lie on the couch and read a book, a table lamp next to the couch is all I need. Why should I illuminate the whole room?

What did you particularly like about your shopping experience in our shop?
The unbelievable variety and wide choice. I could have spent hours browsing through the shop. There is something for every taste. In the end, I found my dream lights in the brand section. Scandinavian design lovers will always find what they are looking for in the lighting range of Nordic manufacturers.

Black is beautiful – shop now

What is your dream designer light?
I don't have a particular one. There are many beautiful lights in different price ranges. I think the light has to appeal to you at first sight and you should already have a spot for it in your mind.

Which products are on your wish list?
There are a lot, but we will certainly introduce many different variations from the Nordlux outdoor lighting range into our garden soon.

"Scandinavian design lovers will always find what they are looking for."

Black outdoor lights – shop now

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