At home with @fridlaa in Berlin

"For me, Berlin is freedom and improvisation."

At home with @fridlaa in Berlin

"Scandinavian - with a touch of grandma."

How would you describe your style?
Scandinavian - with a touch of grandma. I love it when there is space to live, but still an element of cosiness. For me, the combination of new furniture and vintage treasures, paired with lots of green plants and cosy light, is perfect.
I like the interplay of colours and shapes, but I'm also spontaneous and impulsive. So, when I see something, I like to imagine what it would look like at home and how I could design everything around it.

Do you have a favourite lamp or lamp brand?
No, not really. Although I find the lamps from Le Klint beautiful because of their simplicity and clear shapes. I also love any lamp made of beautiful glass which looks simple, but somehow special - whether in colour or shape. The colour of light they emit is extremely important to me.

"An apartment is never finished."

What is the history of your apartment’s interior?
Furnishing is a lifelong process that reflects people and their unique life situations. At first, my apartment was very minimalistic, but my one-room apartment soon became a three-room apartment when I moved to Berlin. Of course, I invested in the essentials, like a sofa and bed, but everything else I collected piece by piece, from second-hand pieces in vintage stores to trinkets and treasures from flea markets.

Is there a story about the building you live in?
The house is a typical old building in Berlin, ancient and quirky - but very charming! ;-)

"I'm a fan of internet research, Pinterest and Instagram."

What are you inspired by?
I can’t say there’s one person in particular. I get a lot of inspiration online. I'm a big fan of internet research, so you’ll find me scrolling for ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, etc.
Most of the time, however, it’s the furniture or decorative pieces themselves that inspire me to design something different.

What does it mean for you to live in Berlin?
For me, Berlin means individuality, life, possibilities, freedom and improvisation!
I was someone who always wanted to live outside of Germany - and my tastes and lifestyle reflect that. But Berlin is such a wonderfully multicultural city, filled with foreign cultures and languages - it’s a friend to all countries.
I love it!

Are you originally from Berlin? If not, how long have you been living there?
Like most people in Berlin, I moved here. I’m actually from Rostock but have lived in Berlin for five years.

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