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    G9 bulbs: Former halogen star with an LED future

    g9 light bulb

    G9 bulbs have become an integral part of lighting. This is due to the history of the G9 light bulb, which was originally only available with halogen lighting technology and used wherever small light sources were needed, providing 100% colour rendering and excellent light output.

    What does G9 mean when it comes to light bulbs?

    G9 refers to a high-voltage capsule bulb without a reflector. The light is emitted virtually all around and is undirected. Nowadays, G9 no longer automatically stands for a halogen bulb, it merely denotes a base with a distance of 9 mm between the pins (hence the 9 in the name) and the condition that there is no built-in reflector - the lighting technology differs from G9 bulb to G9 bulb.

    Are there G9 bulbs with LED technology instead of a halogen?

    Originally, the G9 base was exclusively reserved for high-voltage halogen bulbs. Now other lighting technologies are available, specifically compact fluorescent lamps and LED. Halogen bulbs should no longer be the first choice - LED bulbs supersede all other lighting technologies, including compact fluorescent bulbs.

    G9 LED bulbs ...

    • are environmentally friendly. They use 60 % less energy than the halogen version.
    • are almost maintenance-free. Their service life is up to 50,000 hours and more than 30 years (with 4 hours of use per day).
    • instantly provide 100 % light output. In this respect, they have a clear advantage over compact fluorescent bulbs.
    • save money. The higher purchase price is worthwhile thanks to the energy efficiency and long service life.
    • are more individual. Different luminous colours are possible: warm white for living spaces, cool white for the kitchen and daylight white for utility rooms.
    • do not flicker. When making your purchase, look for high-quality branded products from Osram or our house brand. Flickering is perceived differently from person to person and some people are particularly sensitive to it.
    multiple bulb ceiling spotlight with g9 bulbs

    How bright should an G9 LED bulb be?

    G9 bulbs are rarely solely responsible for lighting up a room. In most cases, e.g. in multiple-bulb ceiling spotlights, several bulbs with a light output of 200 - 400 lumens each are used. Information on light output is available in the product details in our shop.

    Tip: G9 LED bulbs achieve the same light output as halogen bulbs, with much lower power consumption. An LED bulb with a power consumption of 4 watts produces the same light output as a halogen bulb with a power consumption of 33 watts. Making the change to LED is worthwhile!

    How do I switch from G9 halogen bulbs to G9 LED bulbs?

    multiple bulb pendant light with g9 bulbs

    Making the switch to LED is easy. The LED light bulb is inserted in exactly the same way as the conventional halogen light bulb. The G9 base is identical for both types of light bulb, only the lighting technology is different. This compatibility is referred to as retrofit bulbs and is available for the most common base types.

    When choosing a G9 LED bulb, think about which light colour you’d like to use - warm white, cool white or daylight? Dimmable G9 LED  bulbs are available too. These must, however, be specifically labelled as dimmable. An overview of all the dimmable LED bulbs can be seen here.

    Our specialist consultants can provide information about compatibility with different dimmers and answer any other questions you might have. Dial +353 1 699 2138 or use the contact form.

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