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“Which style of interior design fits me best?” … this is not a question you can easily avoid if you want to feel at home and completely comfortable in your own space. When you’ve found what you like, it just makes sense to start decorating and organising your home according to your style – otherwise you may feel a bit out of place.

When decorating a space, it’s important to take the lighting into account too. Just as with other furniture pieces, lighting plays an important role in the feeling of a space.

Whether you’re in search of a certain style or just browsing for your personal favourite in terms of style: the following style tips are designed to help you out.

Lighting with a contemporary style

Contemporary lighting is functional, and the design concentrates on what matters, without forgetting style as well. This aspect can be found in a uniquely shaped frame, or in a special material, all the while sticking to clean, neat lines. LED lights make up an especially large portion of contemporary design lights. This is because the compact and thin built-in LEDs allow the light to have an almost futuristic, graceful form – not to mention the energy saving capabilities LED lights offer!

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Exclusive room highlights: Designer lighting

Single, extravagant and attention catching furniture elements have the power to change an entire space. Size doesn’t matter here – even the simplest of items can be an impressive element. Take for example lighting – many designers prefer using unique lights to set the scene. The result of this? A large selection of designer products of course! Which style is your favourite?

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Lighting with a vintage flair

To decorate your home in a “vintage style” means that the out-of-date is not necessarily out of style. Many vintage fans strive to outfit their entire home with “old” things. Others prefer a classic backdrop with a retro style touch here and there. The result in either case is an unique and very personalised space. Of course in the vintage style there are also clashes or breaks from the standard, but the most important aspect is that the person spending time in that space feels comfortable and at ease. Lights in a vintage style are of course “old” looking, but are actually brand new items that have been processed to add a bit of character and old-time charm.

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Trendy lights in the ‘Young Living’ style

Stylish, in-demand design with a high quality at low prices are always a hit, especially with the younger crowd. And that’s how it should be! You shouldn’t have to save up just to afford a pair of attractive lights! Lighting doesn’t only decide how bright a room is, but also whether you feel at ease or not in your space. Sufficient lighting is important for any age, whether you’re watching TV or reading in the armchair.

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On-trend lighting on a tripod

Whether it’s a cosy light made of wood and cloth, or an unusual futuristic light in bright colours: the tripod design is an absolute trend! The great popularity of these lights ensures that there are always new designs coming onto the market, whether they’re tripod table lamps, or tripods for the floor. The wide selection is sure to hold something for every taste.

Lighting with an industrial look

The lights included in the “industrial” look so popular today proudly show off their rough, used look and have a simple effortless style to them. Sometimes looking like they’ve been discovered in an old abandoned factory, these lights appear to have their own history. Spaces designed with an industrial look have more life to them than one might imagine old pallets or tin pails to have, but it’s true!

Lights made in this style are perfect for any “unfinished” space, and let your creativity and focus run a bit wild, constructing your own design with elements like rivets, vents or bare pipes.

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Lighting in the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian design style combines a connectedness to nature and modernity in a wonderful way. Spaces in this style are full of light, and filled with wood elements and soft colours, if at all. This creates a simple, clean space that is both cosy and modern.

Lights for this style of interior design are marked by the motto “Keep It Simple”. Any superfluous details that distract or stand out are left aside.

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Lighting with a country house style

Instead of clean lines and modern chrome frames, many people are opting for a more traditional, natural country house style. This style is reminiscent of the peacefulness and easy living of country side simplicity. Cupboards of wood, flower print bedclothes and wise old grandfather clocks bring this particular design style to mind.

rustic-lamps Discover interior lighting in the country house style

Lighting with a classical style

Rooms with a classical interior design are simply elegant and timeless, often luxurious as well one might note. However, you don’t need to have vastly high ceilings or echoing halls in your home to enjoy a bit of this style of décor; chandeliers, as an example of the classic style, are also available for smaller rooms! Just have a look at our selection of noble, royal wood or brass lighting, and imagine what it could bring to your home.

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Deliberate change of style or inspiration: Lights from all categories

Which style fits me best? Not so sure? Need some inspiration? Or maybe you’re looking to break up the style of a space with a completely contrasting light? In any case, there’s a lot to be explored and discovered here! Have a look at our selection!

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