Magical holiday lighting – let the Christmas spirit ring with creative and unique lighting

On cold winter evenings in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we all look forward to curling up with a warm cup of tea in a cosy armchair. And what better way to make these cosy evenings more festive than with creatively chosen Christmas lighting? Add a bit of glimmer to your decorations this year, or give a glowing accent to some natural or homemade items. Whether you prefer the calming gentle flicker of a LED candle, enchanting twinkle of fairy lights or a beautiful Christmas star: lighting brings Christmas time to life and helps give your home that festive and snug atmosphere we all look forward to.

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Where can I use Christmas lights?

Christmas lighting for indoors

Whether on the windowsill, hallway table or even the Christmas tree: the decoration possibilities for indoors are exceptionally diverse. Of course every home has that one corner or wall just waiting to be decorated into the perfect festive element of the room. Even when place is scarce, a discreet sparkle or detail can make all the difference in turning a space from plain to festive and warming; maybe next to that cosy armchair or on the side table?

Christmas lighting for outdoors

And if that weren’t enough, Christmas lighting can be used outdoors as well! Brighten up the evening of passers-by and create an inviting and festive holiday feeling around your home. Whether it’s on the walls of your home, the balcony or along the railing of the steps – Christmas lighting for outdoors is just as varied.

An overview of the diversity of Christmas decorations

The lighting during the holiday season time is almost endlessly variable – much more than just decorations for the Christmas tree. Every year new products come to life, changing the way traditional Christmas lighting is seen and offering ways to illuminate our homes in the darker months. Explore the newest of holiday lighting trends together with

Christmas stars:
window décor for that festive feeling in and around the home

Coming home on a chilly, drizzly evening a warming cup of tea of cocoa is all that you want to fight off that winter chill. If you’re greeted by a festive window decoration before you even reach the door, the chill has already started to wear off. A Christmas star welcoming you from the windowsill or hanging in the window is an enchanting element to add to your decorations this winter. Our seemingly endless selection of colours and sizes allows you to find the perfect light for your home and tastes.

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natural and fanciful Christmas decoration made of wood

Traditional wooden candle arches – “Schwibbögen“ in German – add a classic, natural element to any decorative scheme. Choosing decorations made of wood and natural fibres lends a traditional, genuine character to your home and brings out the warmth, comfort and welcoming atmosphere of any space. The wooden arches made in the “Erzgebirge” or Ore Mountain region on the eastern border of Germany are especially enchanting when placed in a visible window on a blustery winter evening.

Fairy lights:
enchanting illumination for both your Christmas tree as well as the veranda or porch

String lighting and fairy lights are often available for either outdoor or indoor use, allowing you to not only decorate your Christmas tree, but also the veranda as well. These delicate lighting elements come in many shapes and forms, from candles to stars, icicles or pinecones. Hardly any other Christmas lighting element is as unique as string lights or fairy lights. And now, more efficient than ever, nearly all fairy lights are available with LEDs, giving them a very long life and brilliant, sparkling illumination.

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LED candles:
a beautiful light that’s especially safe

Never before has it been so easy to decorate your Christmas tree using candle light – without any fear of setting fire to the tree! LED candles allow you to create a traditional, festive setting in your home without the danger of open flames and dry wood. Crafted items, twigs, hanging leaves and garlands can be used without a second thought, and there’s no need to keep an eye on the tree for fear of dripping wax, allowing to you to enjoy a merry twinkling day or night.

Artificial Christmas trees:
the great alternative to real Christmas trees

The yearly quest for the perfect Christmas tree can be a wonderful tradition – but it can also create a great deal of stress for some individuals. For many, transporting the tree back home can be very difficult, or even impossible. For others the question is one of time – when is the correct window to purchase the tree, if you want it to still look especially perfect on Christmas Eve? Well, a few days before of course – but will there be any trees left by then? Is it worth the risk? In these situations sometimes the best option is simply to choose an artificial specimen. All you need to do each year is pull it out of the cupboard, straighten it up and voila: no pine needles stick in your socks and no stress trying to haul the tree through the rain back to your home.

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Battery-powered Christmas décor:
a magical lighting setting, completely cable-free

Are all of your power points used up with other decorations, but you still wanted to add that extra little festive touch to the corner of the living room? Don’t despair; the battery-powered decorations are just right for that! Thanks to energy efficient LED technology that uses much less energy and allows for a longer lifespan, you can decorate to your heart’s content.

Replacement bulbs:
a lifesaver during the festive season

Has that certain special string of fairy lights become one of your true standby decorations over the years, but you’ve noted with dismay that this year one of the little lights has gone out? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to replace your favourite string of lights, simply choose a replacement bulb and you’re back in business. Have a look now and see for yourself!

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