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    Fabric pendant lights – the epitome of comfort

    Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable within their own four walls? And what’s the best way to achieve this? With the right setup, of course. Naturally, lighting plays a central role in this. You can choose between floor, table and wall lights, hanging lights, ceiling lights, and much, much more. One type of light that creates the cosiest living atmosphere with the best lighting quality is the pendant light with fabric lampshade.

    Are there different types of fabric pendant lights?

    There are lots of types within the range of hanging lights with fabric lampshades, so you’re certain to find exactly the right model for you. How about an appealing light capped with a lampshade? Or would you prefer an extravagant, fanned fabric lampshade or one that looks like a UFO? Whatever you choose, you’re spot on with a fabric pendant!

    fabric pendant light
    fabric pendant light
    fabric pendant light

    A pendant light with a fabric lampshade is a classic piece that’s always fashionable and on-trend. The elegant, homely fabric lampshade is available in oval or round shapes and comes in many different colours; you can also can choose from a large or small diameter. But no matter what, you’ll be guaranteed a cosy atmosphere. As you can see, you are sure to find your perfect light, whether you want a classic or modern style. The choice is yours!

    What’s the best size for my pendant light?

    Not too big and not too small, that’s a given. First of all you need to be sure to leave 80-100 cm between the table top and the bottom of the light if you’re placing it in your dining room. This is the mounting height. As for the size of the lamp, it should be about 30 cm smaller than the length of the table top - the best thing to do is nip into your dining room and measure your table!

    When it comes to the shape, we recommend round lampshades for smaller tables. With a large rectangular table, on the other hand, long pendant lights are a great choice as they provide ideal lighting for breakfast, dinnertime or doing homework.

    Tip before you buy: If you have a long, rectangular table such as longer countertops or islands, you can use several small lights together, too.

    How big should the pendant light with fabric lampshade be if it’s hanging freely in the room? In this case, the diameter of the light should be about 1/12 of the room length. Of course, once you've found the perfect light, make sure you don’t hang it too low so that you run into it every time you walk into the hallway or living room. - you should make sure to have 210 cm between the floor and the lower edge of the light.

    Which colours are available?

    Grey, beige, white, black, brown and of course, you can also choose a yellow, green, blue, copper or silver fabric for your new hanging light, too.

    No matter what colour the fabric lampshade is, you want just one thing when buying a fabric hanging light: cosiness - and you can definitely have that. Its lighting is atmospheric, glare-free and shines brightly.

    fabric pendant light
    fabric pendant light
    Textil Hängeleuchte Modern

    Is the pendant light with fabric lampshade dimmable?

    fabric pendant light

    Your new fabric hanging light is dimmable if you want it to be. You just need to pay attention to a few things before you hit the “Add to cart” button because the steps that you need to take to make it dimmable vary from model to model:

    Type 1: A pendant light and built-in LEDs

    In this case, whether or not the light is dimmable depends on the individual product and you can find this information in the product details. If the details state “Dimmable – Yes”, then great. Essentially all you’re missing now is an external dimmer and you’re ready to go.

    Type 2: A pendant light and replaceable light bulbs

    To be able to dim these lights, you will need a suitable, external dimmer as well as a suitable light bulb. The best choice are dimmable LED bulbs which can now be installed in every pendant light. Please check the product details to make sure if the LED bulb you’ve chosen is actually dimmable.

    Now you’re ready to dim your lights to your heart’s content!

    Type 3: A pendant light and replaceable smart home bulbs

    At first glance, this type seems almost identical to the previous. Well, it practically is. You just need to screw an intelligent bulb into the light fitting, rather than any dimmable LED bulb.

    With smart home bulbs, you can create ambient atmospheres - and you can do all this from your mobile phone. You just need WiFi and a connection between your mobile phone and the light bulb: With Philips Hue this connection is called a bridge, with Osram Smart+ it’s called a gateway. Not your thing? With iDual, there’s no need to use WiFi or your mobile phone as this smart lighting system comes with a remote control.

    Smart bulbs? A suitable external dimmer? Replaceable or fixed LEDs? Is it all too much? It may be easier to talk to an expert in person. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call! We’ll explain how you can get in touch below.

    height adjustable fabric pendant light

    Are fabric pendant lights height-adjustable?

    It depends on the model whether the pendant light is height-adjustable or not. With this feature, your hanging light isn’t permanently fixed at a certain length: you can lower it or move it higher whenever you want depending on the occasion or to suit the table height. The light can be moved higher or lower using a rise and fall mechanism installed directly into the light or using an arm with multiple joints.

    To find out whether your light is height-adjustable or not, just check the product details. If it says “Yes” next to “Height-adjustable”, you can rest assured that you can make good use of this feature. Are you looking for an height-adjustable fabric hanging light just now? No problem, just click here!

    Do you still have questions about fabric pendant lights? Maybe about the dimming feature, its size or the installation? Then get in touch with us on +353 1 699 2138 or use our contact form. We are happy to speak to you in person.

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