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    Rustic ceiling lights:

    contemporary living in country house style
    rustic ceiling light

    What is characteristic of rustic ceiling lights?

    Country house style represents: cosiness, simplicity and slowing down. This is what we are increasingly looking for in the bustle of the city, where time never seems to stand still.

    A convincing and satisfying country house style is more than just a rustic ceiling light. It is rather about having the right wall features, materials used for furniture and decorations or colours that match. That said, rustic ceiling lights are a key feature, as they provide basic lighting in a room.

    A country ceiling light combines rustic elements like iron with other natural materials, such as wood and cream-coloured or white glass lampshades. The result: a light that provides a warm and cosy atmosphere.

    Which rustic ceiling light in what room?

    rustic ceiling light
    Every room needs general lighting. Yet different rooms require specific lighting.
    rustic ceiling light

    Living room

    The living room is a central area of your life. Whether you choose a wooden dining table, a comfortable wing chair or you simply want to relax on the sofa, you need a rustic ceiling light to complement it all. Choose bright models, unless you prefer the genuinely rustic charm of old country cottages, which did not use any lights at night at all.

    rustic ceiling light


    The kitchen is an area that has a great deal of lights geared towards functionality. These include cabinet lights below kitchen cupboards or, for instance, pendant lights above worktops, in a stylish design and equipped with LED lighting. Of course, you can benefit from modern lighting technology in a country house style.

    When designing your country cottage, you can mix it up with various styles for a unique and satisfying look. It is also possible to move away from a rustic style towards a contemporary and straightforward look using light woods and clear shapes. You might think that leans towards a Scandi style? After all, Scandi style is just the Scandinavian version of a country-cottage style.

    rustic ceiling light


    Unless you own a country mansion, hallways are generally rather narrow with low ceilings. Therefore, we opt for country ceiling lights that do not make the existing space even smaller than it already is. Country cottage ceiling lights with a low height both illuminate the room and save space.

    You do not fancy rustic frames and small ceramic lampshades in your hallway? We recommend downlights. These match a wooden ceiling and perfectly blend in. An abundance of nature-style hotels use this special design element, which is traditional, yet creates a classy look.

    rustic ceiling lights


    When lying in bed in your country house bedroom facing towards the ceiling – your country ceiling light should not be too bright. Particularly, you should pay attention to the alignment of ceiling lights with several light bulbs. One solution is a light source that is directed upwards, providing a very soft lighting atmosphere through reflections on the ceiling and walls.

    Can it be even cosier? Since cosy fabrics, such as duvets and pillows also play an important role in country house styling, why not add fabric ceiling lights for a softer and warmer effect?

    Which light bulb should be used for country ceiling lights?

    We have already talked about a warm colour being a key feature for rustic ceiling lights, which does not just apply to the frame and material, but also to the light used and its colour: ideally warm white and no more than 3,300 kelvins. There is no place for a blueish, “cold” white in a country house styling.

    The easiest way to create this effect is using LED bulbs. In order to enjoy LED light benefits, have a look at the technical specifications and particularly at the luminous colour in the shop.

    • High energy savings (up to 90 % in comparison with traditional light bulbs)
    • Environmentally-friendly lighting (low power consumption - high light output)
    • Maintenance-free (up to 50,000 hours lifespan)
    • 100 % light output immediately (no switch-on delay as with compact fluorescent lights)
    • Mercury-free (no need to worry about breaking the bulb)
    • Good to very good colour rendering

    Currently trending: flat LED panels featuring a wooden frame for the country house style. These combine tradition and modernity. Of course you already know that both these features are not mutually exclusive, which applies to all sorts of combinations of country cottage lights and Scandi, vintage or industrial elements.

    country style led panel
    industrial inspired rustic ceiling light
    rustic light fitting with exposed bulb
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